Creating a powerful desktop station seems easily possible but you have to delve deeper into the best brands and much more. MSI is known for its formidable hardware, versatile specs, and fantastic range of features. Talk about MSI Desktop PCs or simply MSI Gaming PCs, most of the desktop computers from MSI have a prominence factor. 

MSI has launched more than just one or two series including business, professional and gaming. A lot of high-end MSI Gaming PCs have recently got popular owing to breathtaking designs, efficient cooling system and fastest components. The MSI Core i7 gaming desktop PCs are also in high demand with their impeccable performances. 

If you are looking out for the best MSI series, there is a lot to ponder upon. Most of the MSI desktop computers are dedicated to the professional looking builds, highest connectivity, and massive capacity specs. Let’s look forward to what MSI can offer the best for us.  

MSI Trident Series 

Most popular all, the MSI Trident series is known for producing the best gaming desktop computers. The compact MSI laptop build of this series makes sure to get through most of the processing power with its high-quality components. These PCs are also known as the smallest world VR-ready computers. Trident desktop PCs are prone to military-grade durability, exclusive cooling system and audio boost technology. These gaming desktops also support matrix display and Intel Core processors starting from 7th generation models. 

MSI Aegis Series 

One word for Aegis, that is: unmatchable. The MSI Aegis desktop PC series is seriously uncompromisable when it comes to real gaming components. From cooling technology to advanced processors, top-notch graphics, premium audio and immersive gaming features, Aegis has everything to look forward to in gaming. This one is most definitely the high-profile gaming series from MSI that performs over the board. Aegis gaming PCs are also known for breathtaking designs and their VR-ready gaming experience make them a wholesome desktop PC collection.  

MSI Infinite Series 

As the name says, the MSI Infinite series carry intensive power and remarkable specs to immerse through powerful gameplays. Whether you need a flawless VR ride, hi-fi connectivity, fantastic audio environment or easily upgradable gaming rig; MSI Infinite is all jam-packed with the diverse components. This series also feature Mystic light RGB designs to empower the gaming atmosphere.  

MSI Vortex Series 

Vortex series from MSI feature compact, small designs but sports extreme gaming power for enthusiasts. The VESA mount design allows hanging the lightweight gaming laptops to any wall, making them the most flexible gaming desktops ever. These gaming computers are integrated with the dedicated NVIDIA GTX series GPU setting for a clearer, crisp visual experience. For the smoothest VR-Ready gaming, the MSI Vortex desktop PCs are surely ahead of its competitors. These PCs also fall in the mid-range category so if you are the one to get a midrange workstation, Vortex is a go-to. 

MSI Nightblade Series 

It’s always great to find an economical balance that brings power, price and versatility righteously. The MSI Nightblade series is built to make sure every type of user can take advantage of it. It’s easy-to-carry design, latest gaming components and easily configurable specs make it quite handy. The series fully supports sensational gaming with its immersive specs like NVIDIA graphics, DDR4 memory, PCI-E Gen3 SSD and Silent Storm cooling.  


Which Series is the best Overall? 

It may be sometimes a bit extra confusing to decide and figure out which series actually performs the best in overall analysis. However, when it comes to an all-rounder performance, speed, specs assembly and extraordinary features, Infinite is the winner. The series comes in a price that deliver excellent value for money with balanced specs, workhorse power and brilliant designs. 

If you are going for the true midrange excellence, then you must go for MSI Vortex. Regardless of the wise combination of specs, these desktops make sure to appeal every user with the looks as well. If you are going for the right budget and slim PCs along with remarkable gaming, the MSI Trident desktop PCs are favourites. 

Best MSI Series Laptops 

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 11TE-286UK 

Processor: Intel Core i7  
RAM & Storage: 64 GB, 2 TB SSD, 2 TB HDD 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU 
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 


MSI Aegis takes away eyes from around everywhere to itself with its impressively appealing design. It’s not just that but the attire completely suits to the amount of power it holds. MSI has made sure to integrate each spec with incredible capacity and highest potential features in this gaming PC. From its enormous 64GB RAM, two-way storage to latest NVIDIA dedicated graphics and Intel Core i7 processor, it leaves behind any gaming competitor.  

MSI MPG Trident A 11TG-2087UK 

Processor: Intel Core i7  
RAM & Storage: 32 GB, 512 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU 
Operating System: Windows 10 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) 


Trident MSI gaming PCs are already known for their slim, good-looking designs and immersive gaming components. The MSI MPG Trident a 11TG sports latest Intel Core i7 processor with the massive 32GB RAM and two-way storage. Its advanced NVIDIA graphics integration of GeForce RTX 3060 enables crisper, incredible visuals on the display. The desktop PC is a one-in-all gaming desktop PC that competes pretty amazingly with the rivals. 

Bottom Line 

MSI is a well-built name, especially when you see it in the gaming industry. MSI Gaming desktop PCs are infamous and known for the most versatile PC collection that you can ever see. However, if you are to build elite workstations that can beat nearly any deadlines, work routines, opting for MSI could be a lucky choice. You can view all the MSI series at the official Laptop Outlet store online in the UK and avail free shipping on mainland orders.