Instagram is the largest social media platform that SEO analyst and social media influencer use for marketing and sales purposes. This social media provides excellent platform to share the images with friends, family, and circle who are in our friendlist. The more followers we have in our Instagram account more is the visibility of post. This means that we can drive excellent traffic to website, blog or product & services through instagram promotion. Howqever to increase the number of followers on instagram is not a peice of cake for everyone. Specially when we have to cross the 1 million followers in quick span of time. In such a scenario we need to keep 5 important things in mind to increase the followers on instagram account.

Admire others for increasing followers on Instagram

Some people use the instagram for instant posting the images and donot bother to responds the likes or comments. They donot feel like thanking the admirers. This makes the other party think that they are adamant and never appreciate on account again. If you show them your gratitude then they will continue to post, like and share your post on daily basis which increases the chance of growing more followers.

Share creative images that has humour, sarcasm or fun in it

Images that are shared on the instagram must be as per the specified width so that it fits properly on all the screens. Sometimes over sized image donot appear good and people scroll the post without even looking at it. Secondly we should try to use creative images that has sense of humour, tragic, emotions, sarcasm or fun at it. You can share some views that drives more comments and likes.

Make the instagram account professional

If you are professional photographer or fashion designer share some of your best works so that people take notice of you. Start following people of same interest so that you can also learn what others are doing with their passion.If we have a business website we can also update that in our instagram profile page. This will help people to reach us through our website as well.

Use hash tags for increasing followers on Instagram

There are some hashtags that are used by instagram bots and they share your post from bot account automatically if you mention the name of these bots or use their hash tags on your post. This will help you get reshares, likes and clicks automatically. Sometimes we see trending hashtags or polular hash tags on our screen. using such hashtags will give more visibility of the insatgram post. This works equally well when we are trying to improve traffic of website using social media promotion.

Some times we use isnatgram follower increasing app that offers free instagram followers. However not all the appliocations present on the playstore are risk free, and provides genuine followers. Some followers increasing apps ask us to complete the task and give us points in credits. These points can be redeemed in purchasing more followers and likes.

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