Since the advent of the super duper WordPress, all the content management systems have been left behind. More than 74 million sites are using WordPress to upload posts. Read out the following reasons and know why WordPress is the best system for your site or business:

  1. No Charges

No matter what kind of business you are running, you do not need to worry about the charges of the system as It works perfectly without charging any fee or registration money. There are no hidden charges and it is 100% free for the users and will always be. Altering the source code has become easier.

  1. SEO friendly

Every site that is optimized is supported by the one and only WordPress framework. Matt Cutts also endorsed WordPress and has a personal blog on the framework.

  1. Modifiable

Due to the involvement of tons of themes, layouts and plugins, you can modify your business site and run it as you like. Blogs and websites you desire can now be created with the limitless WordPress features.

  1. Just Install and Use

You do not have to go through several steps after installing WordPress. All you have to do is to install it and use it. No long lists of configurations and etc. and you can get access to limitless features easily.

  1. Security Assured

WordPress just isn’t a place for hackers and never compromise on the security of its clients. The software is regularly updated to make sure no server attack takes place. The automatic updating of the software makes the protection legit.

  1. Extensible Software

It is quite extensible and flexible when it comes to using it. Any kind of work for which WordPress is being used can be done effectively with the help of the endless features. All your website needs will be fulfilled by using WordPress.

  1. Congregates Multimedia

The additional features like supporting and congregating files like images, audio or even video to create a better user experience. Uploading all the multimedia files can now be easily done. One can also edit the file such as images.

  1. Simple to Use

Anyone can learn the software pretty easily and get access to easy conduct of operations in a matter of time. WordPress is also famous for its five minute installation process.

  1. Forum Support

Any question encountered can be asked from the system. You can consult the WordPress Forums for support regarding any query or problem.

  1. Quick Management

Due to the automatic updating feature of WordPress, the software alerts the user about every single update of plugins and themes. Your website can stay secure with alerts of the updates.

  1. Creates a Connection

Communicating with visitors through the posts or comments has been made easy with the community and connection formation plugins and features WordPress holds.

  1. Device Compatibility

In the smartphone era, every website should be compatible with the mobiles which is why WordPress has made the job easier. It has been made responsive and compatible with the mobile devices right from the start.

  1. Exceeds the Identity of a Blogging Forum

WordPress made its name in the IT industry by being introduced as a blogging forum which was published to the existing site. But now WordPress can be used as a website on its own. Statics and blogs can be established with the help of the post and page structure.

  1. Money Saver

Being a free software WordPress can save you a lot of money. Instead of having those costly software you can choose WordPress freely as it is an open-source site.

  1. Updated Website

Not only better functioning but WordPress also makes your site upgraded all the time. Updates of different themes and plugins are being notified by the software that makes your site up-to-date.

  1. Useable by Multi Users

Keeping your site on the run can now be done by multiple users. WP makes it easy for you to assign the roles for different users so that more than one person can operate the site such as an administrator, super admin, author, subscriber, editor and the contributor.

  1. Worldwide Platform

The interface of the software remains the same no matter what purpose you are using WordPress for. No expert needs to be hired for the functioning as WP is totally easy to use.

  1. Include Customer Feedbacks

Adding the customer feedbacks on your site as testimonials of the services people have rendered is a great way to attract traffic. Plugins such as Testimonial Widget and Easy Testimonials can do that for you.