Many surveys and studies report a worrying increase in counterfeits in the online sale of top brand products. These are fake items and a copy of the original. The counterfeiters sell these products through the network in online stores that replicate the products of the big brands. Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, luxury watches, leather goods, sports shoes, and electronics stand out among the products with the highest risk of being counterfeit and sold online. But among them, we can also find designer bags, computer items, and clothing. The same situation is when you buy CBD cigars or cigarettes without observing custom printed cigar boxes.

Counterfeiters copy the official website where the original items are sold and send the products in plain packaging. With this packaging, the customers are not attracted to these products. More interestingly, counterfeiters generate money without being noticed. Another important aspect is that the producers of these products ship these products internationally. Sometimes, the customs officers seize these products when finding something ambiguous. However, most products pass through these customs points and become available to the customers. 

What if they counterfeit and ship your products?

For example, you have an online store with some exclusive and high-value products. Your customers love these products because the manufacturers provide superior quality. Here, you have all the techniques and tools to minimize the impact on online counterfeiters. The reason is that you allow only those products, which you know are original, and there is no counterfeit. The remaining will not find any space and fail to earn money by spoiling the branding efforts of top companies.

These counterfeiters copy the appearance of the products. However, they cannot match the quality that top brands maintain throughout the process. Sometimes, you will feel that the product is not up to the mark because it does not produce your expected results. Sometimes, the product does not work properly, as often happens with electronic or technological products. For example, copied televisions, media players, and smartphones are available, but you cannot rely on them. 

We can also observe the copied product while exploring the material used to prepare the product. There may be many loopholes in the product due to low-quality material. We can mention imitation leather pieces as an example. Many online stores sell these products at the best rates. However, they know that the product quality is not up to the mark, and they are not selling real leather. 

The mere existence of counterfeiters of your products is hugely detrimental to your brand. Imagine that a client of yours thinks he is buying your quality product at an attractive price, convinced that it is a product manufactured and/or distributed by your brand. And you receive a product of inferior quality, that does not work well and breaks down quickly without knowing that it is not your brand. It is what a fake brand is.

If there was a way that can help your customers recognize your products without a doubt, do not you think it would be a good idea to apply it to your business?

Why Packaging as a tool to prevent counterfeiting

We have many people in our surroundings who have used packaging without any printing or identifying element. It is essential to know that by doing so, you run the risk of being easily replicated by counterfeiters. Factually, there is no identifying element on your packaging. So, it is much easier for it to pass through customs and reach the customer without anyone noticing the scam.

On the other hand, if you invest in adding identifiable print elements to your packaging, your products (and your brand) will be much more protected. Some elements that can help your customers identify the packaging sent by your brand are:

  • Logos and other identifying elements of your brand
  • Watermarks
  • Images or illustrations recognizable and identifiable with your brand
  • Additional details, such as customizable stickers with your logo
  • In addition to helping to identify your brand, seal the contents of the box
  • Barcodes to help trace the product until it reaches its destination

In this way, if you regularly use fonts, graphic elements, images, and logos that are easily identifiable with your brand, it will be easier for customers and authorities to detect fake custom packaging for CBD products and put a stop to fraud.

Contributing to the originality and focusing more on genuine brands should be our priority. It helps businesses develop their brand reputation and engage only those customers that love original products. With these products, you can improve customer satisfaction levels because they love buying quality products only. Additionally, your customers can develop trust in your performance. Using packaging solutions also helps you engage your customers with you. This way, the customers know what you provide with the details that matter.