Although achievements can greatly vary, there is no doubt that some areas will be the focus of attention and will be driving forces in making business decisions in the current year:

1. Increase in market value of mobile technologies

More than 75% of the world population has access to mobile devices and networks. Thus, today’s marketer must not ignore the power of these technologies and the value they may have for customers and brands.
Last year was spotted a wave of adaptations of classic web pages for easier navigation and preview through mobile phones, but this year the focus is on transforming them into mobile applications. This type of value should be new information, new formats, and completely new resources.

2. The evolution process of converting potential customers into actual customers

The past was marked by a large increase in the analytical approach to what makes prospective customers to buy products or services of a particular company, i.e. which of applied approaches gives the best results in terms of investment.
During this year is expected continuation of the process of evolution and finding creative approach in analyzing how specific marketing tactics influence potential customers.

3. Increased focus on viral marketing in 2022

With the growing use of social media, marketers invest in new value by focusing on viral marketing that brands are directing resources to create content, interaction and valuable resources that lead consumers to their website without having to use paid marketing resources.
Marketing budget of companies during this year should be focused on creating content, nice web design and analysis of results of viral marketing. It is expected to appear a new software and update of existing tools that enable management of viral marketing efforts and prioritizing the next steps.

4. Mobile payment and virtual currencies

AS the number of mobile devices is increasing constantly, there will be more and more new payment methods. NFC-enabled devices, digital wallets and Beacon, PayPal’s new wireless payment solution, are steadily reaching the mass market, allowing consumers to pay for things without a wallet or cash. Google will also be pushing the Google Wallet app for Android that allows users to send money using only a mobile phone. Apple’s iBeacon technology will unlock unlimited opportunities not only for mobile payments but also for indoor mapping and personalization. Finally, virtual currencies like bitcoin are the future, even if there are still a few issues to resolve.

5. Data Visualization

It is expected increased marketing by publishing data on visual way, in forms that are easy to understand and interesting to share. A good example for this is Moz Analytics.

6. Marketing Loyalty

the experience so far shows that it is very expensive to find a new customer than to retain existing ones. As it used to be, consumers were not connected with each other and share opinions and experiences they have with companies. Therefore, online marketing trends for 2022 are marketers to find innovative ways to make customers feel special, valued, and satisfied.

7. Social impact of brands

Thanks to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, brands with proper communication can perform a huge impact on consumers. It is ideal a brand to be able to share their content by a large audience to build a community around its story which is part of its target audience.

8. Analytics

as opposed to simple traffic analysis of websites, online marketing analysis, and optimization measure multiple marketing activities. Business uses this analysis to find out the position of its products, to make appropriate planning, and to determine next steps that should be undertaken.

9. Importance of web design

Recent trends in viral marketing and visualization of data show that the design has become more important in marketing. If in past years, the beautiful and expensive web design was considered as a luxury, this year it will be one of the basic tools that companies use for their marketing.

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10. Local marketing becomes normality

local companies like never before had so many tools to enhance local search, reach out to the consumers and measure its success. Those who are committed on solving local problems understand the local mentality and the local community have the potential to become small, but successful companies in this year.


Online marketing experienced an evolution and major changes have occurred in how businesses and consumers interact online. In fact, the focus has shifted from working of written social media to visual. What began as web pages and blogs when transmitting messages of 300 or 1000 words, quickly gave way to platforms for micro-blogging such as Twitter.

For brands, this change means a huge opportunity. If businesses learn how to visually express through social media and smart use visual strategies, have greater opportunities to share its message with a larger scale, which is transformed into traffic, promotion and sales.

If you have something other than these 10 Online marketing trends for 2022, share it bellow.